Natalie Estelle Schepis

In this book, Natalie Estelle Schepis shares her journey about how she grew her business from a tiny garage in her house to open up three new salons. The ins and out of the hair game. Natalie has always been inspired and lived by the phrase “Where there is a will, there’s a way,” Always wanting to start a salon, she never let any excuses keep her from it. This is an inspiring book about the power of a strong-willed woman who does everything she can to achieve her lifelong passion for owning a successful hairdressing business. In the book, Natalie educates the readers about how they can start their own business by learning from her story. She shares how important she believes a good work culture is and how to create a space where you and your employee can both be satisfied and benefit equally—sharing all the DOS and DON’TS for staying in the games. So, if you have ever dreamt of opening a salon of your own or want even to start working from home– take the first step and grab your copy today.

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In’s & Out’s Of The Hair Game

Are you an aspiring hairdresser, confused about how your business will have a higher reach on social media? How to be able to make loyal customers? Do you want to learn how to handle your rapidly growing business? Was it too quick to open another branch? Well, Natalie Estelle Schepis has the answers to all your questions. This book will tell you all the DOS and DON’TS of a hairdressing business. So, don’t wait any longer, and grab your copy today to learn more!


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