As we know how much craze there is about superfoods which not only fill your hunger but also benefit your health. Now, we know that having healthy hair in today’s time maybe be challenging because of all the chemicals in the hair products. Even though your hairs healthiness can depend on many factors like your genes or age which are not in your control but one thing that can benefit your hair is what you eat. Adding these essential food items to your diet will show you changes in your hair. Today we will be sharing with you a few superfoods which are great for your hair.

One: Berries, Berries and more Berries
The vitamins that berries contain will help with the growth of your hair.

Two: Red Meat
Red meat is so rich in iron, and it will help your hair stay strong and have less risk of breakage. 

Three: Soybeans
These are yet another superfood which will help you with a good growth of your hair.

Four: NUTS
Everyone loves snacking on some nuts but now that we are telling you they help with keeping your hair health, have some more now!