First, keep in mind your hair type. Is it curly, wavy, straight, coloured or texturized? Identifying how your hair feels most of the time also plays an important part. When you have identified both of these factors, then you will be able to learn what suits you the best. Research and research a little more. You will find a lot of information on what are the best types of shampoos to use on your hair type. 

Some tips we would share with you are:

  • Do not try to wash your hair over as it will lead to much more hair fall. Always keep the dry shampoo on hand, so you do not feel the need to was your hair every day.
  • Yes, it is always better to spend on higher quality products which may be pricy at times but do not avoid the drugstore brands. A lot of drugstore brands have now come up with their professional line of shampoo’s which are not too pricy and also have excellent quality. 
  • Always try your best to use shampoo’s which do not have a big list of ingredients in them. The less the chemicals, the better it is for your hair.